Prepare for launch: Unstake your ICX





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Prepare for launch: Unstake your ICX
By Balanced • Issue #2 • View online

If you plan to borrow Balanced Dollars on launch day, unstake your ICX now. Balanced goes live in 8 days, and the current unstaking time is ~7.4 days.
If you’re here for the airdrip, keep your ICX staked. Only people who plan to use Balanced need to unstake.
We’re now a week into the launch countdown. If you’re not following us on Twitter, here’s some of the content we’ve shared:
It’s time. Balanced: coming to you live, April 25 at 6pm PDT.

$ICX #DeFifortherestofus
Only 1% of crypto investors use DeFi. When we started Balanced, our goal was to create a decentralized finance product the other 99% could actually use.

A thread.👇

$ICX $BALN #DeFiForTheRestOfUs
Before Balanced can take on other DeFi products, it has some competition closer to home: the ICON wallet.

Staked ICX earns ~11% a year, but unstaking is high friction: it takes ~7 days and you don’t earn rewards. To encourage action, we had to make Balanced even more appealing.
According to @naval: to get wealthy, own a piece of a business.

You can own a piece of a bank with Balance Tokens.

Balanced is a #DeFi platform that operates as a #DAO, governed by Balance Token holders. Participate to earn $BALN and help us shape the future of finance.
How to earn an ~11% annual return with Balanced:

1. Deposit ICX as collateral.

That’s it. Your deposited amount will increase each day based on the ICON Network reward rate.

Learn how this works. 👇

$ICX $BALN #DeFiForTheRestOfUs
Balanced gives $ICX a new role: collateral for synthetic assets, like Balanced Dollars.

bnUSD is always worth 1 USD, so it’s suitable for payments, grants, and as the default currency for apps on the ICON Network.

The more it’s used, the more ICX is removed from circulation...
If you plan to borrow Balanced Dollars on launch day, unstake your $ICX now. The current unstaking time is ~7.4 days, and Balanced goes live in 8.

Isn’t unstaking a hassle? If you’ve ever wanted to bypass the unstaking period, learn how Balanced will provide a better experience.
And here’s some content created by the community:
Balanced Preview - How to Mint bnusd
Balanced Preview - How to Mint bnusd
Balanced Animated Explainer
Balanced Animated Explainer
ICON Pinas
Here's a promo video our team put together to help summarize the recent excellent thread posted by @BalancedDAO


Why use Balanced, the decentralized bank of ICON? 🤔 Tune in and learn why 😎

#ICONProject $ICX 🚀 $BALN 💧
Join the discussion on Twitter or Telegram as we count down the final week to launch.
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