Updates about Balanced, a decentralized finance platform on the ICON Network.

Updates about Balanced, a decentralized finance platform on the ICON Network.

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Balanced roadmap update | September 2021

Since our August update, the Balanced contributors have been busy with numerous improvements to the product and smart contracts.Added the ability for community members to submit votesListed 4 new liquidity pools: IUSDC/bnUSD, OMM/sICX, OMM/IUSDC, and OMM/USDS…


The Geometry Release is live

The Balanced team is excited to unveil our first major update post-launch: the Geometry Release.Named in honor of Geometry Labs, this release includes the core infrastructure needed for the community’s most-wanted features.Price charts:


Balanced airdrip is now live

Today marks one week since the Balanced launch. We've been overwhelmed by the response:


Balanced is now live 🎉

If you want to use sICX, borrow Balanced Dollars, swap assets, or supply liquidity, you can now sign in to the Balanced app.If you want to catch the first airdrip, keep your ICX staked. We’ll send out another email next week when the airdrip is live. Learn mo…


Prepare for launch: Unstake your ICX

If you plan to borrow Balanced Dollars on launch day, unstake your ICX now. Balanced goes live in 8 days, and the current unstaking time is ~7.4 days.


Balanced : Launching April 25 at 6pm PDT

The countdown has finally begun. Balanced will launch in 14 days, on April 25th at 6pm PDT.That's 9pm EDT / April 26 at 1am UTC, 10am KST, 11am AEST, and 1pm NZST.